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Burtonesk full body monotone
Burtalia: Prussia, Russia and Germany by SOTDcorp
Same as my 5 commission but for points. This price is per character.
Dark Scrawl points version
Stiff lower lip Gareth Evans commission by SOTDcorp
Darkscrawl Prussia by SOTDcorp
DarkScrawl Shizuo by SOTDcorp
Same as My £5 Dark Scrawl portraits but for points. This is price per portrait.



Artist | Professional | Varied
I am an Alien living among ya. Let me eat your souls or feed me candy

Current Residence: Inside my Shell

Personal Quote: Q:"why are we here?" .....A:"a bad idea." and Packman Eat World
I wonder if that will get anyone's attention. I'm really not sure how many people read my journals or even care what I am up to in my general life so long as I keep posting art or even it the wouldn't give two shakes of a lambs tail if I dropped off the face of the earth and stopped posting art too.
Sorry for the long sentance.
Anyway I've currently got Art Block on my major projects which sucks because I really want to share with you the next pages of FoB and on Smackjeeves SYC. However every time I sit down to work I just keep getting distracted. Even when I don't have the internet on I'm not able to keep my head down working for long so everything is stuck in the inking faze. I think it is because inking is the thing I have most trouble with. I can easily flash through concept sketches and neatened sketch layouts and colouring just sort of flows out like relieve after I've inking something. However the inking itself is painful especially for things like FoB where if something doesn't look quite right even if it is a little line I'll go ape shit on it. SYC is less of a problem as it is a looser style with less backgrounds.

Anyway rather than just stop I want to try and work through this and do some more technical work. So I will be redrawing a load of my really old OCs quickly in digital.
Also I am going to be practicing drawing couples so if you have some couples that you are okay with my quick sketching just tell me. As these will be more technical pratice more than anything they wont look like finished pieces for the most part and the characters will be in a position/situation of my choosing. I could use them for drawing kissing or I could use them for just holding hands. But yeh if you want me to draw your chars or any other pairings just leave some references in the comments.

Remember that it is Couple Practice not ask me to draw what ever you like practice. If you are not comfortible with your characters kissing, cuddling, swinging on each others arms, other cute intimate things don't suggest them.

Couple Drawing Practice pieces:
Drawing Practice: Couples 1: Felix x Karine by SOTDcorp suggested by :iconthe-mad-saxony:

1) Blade and Weiss - progress: sketched
2) Rune and Ivan
3) Ljotur and Sofia
4) Patrick and Michelle
5) Janice and Flinn
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