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Fountain of Blood

Fountain of Blood Cover by SOTDcorp
A dark hetalia doujinshi writen and drawn by me. Click the cover to begin reading.

This comic came to be for many reasons. One is I rather love Hetalia. It is such a lovely bendy serise that one can create many AUs for. Fountain of Blood is indeed an AU, the characters are still nations but I've added things that don't really exsist/get explained in the show and of cause took a darker more violent spin on it. I actually had many Hetalia Comic ideas. I still do. I intend to do them at some point when Fountain of Blood is finished. Not sure I want to do another long one as this one is turning out longer than I first pictured but I was still at the point of its creation picturing a pretty long comic. Fountain of Blood was chosen because I hadn't really done much Horror work for a while and I wanted to also explore drawing work that involved cannabalism as it is a rather interesting subject. Cannabalism does not only happen when someone is mentally ill but also when there is a great need to survive. There is of cause also ritual cannabalism where the eaten person is not always a murdered victim but just someone who died. In the comic I have Russia acting in a way simular to having a mental illness but also adding a ritualistic aspects where Russia wishes 'become one with' the person he consumes part or the whole of. The supernatural spin means instead of Russia just believing in his mind that he can do these things he really can, as well as using other powers.

When I first started drawing I wasn't going to include the flashbacks to how the Baltics lost their missing pieces but as I got to it I decided it would be good way of showing the mental breakdown Russia was going through that was driving him towards what he did to Prussia at the beginning. I intend to do more flash backs going even further back, as well as of cause going forwards with the story and showing you how things end. I am thankful to everyone who has given me surport on this project and who enjoy the story and art. To those who do not like it, I'm sorry and I hope that one of my future or other works is more to your fancy.





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Hey so after those to very 'feelsy' journals about how people all need to learn to respect and accept each other more and that we should all do what we can to not repeat previous mistakes, here is one about a more Art related things.

Firstly Sunny Con was good fun though I did't get to see much of the events going on because I was working behind my desk. Of cause that is a good thing for an artist so I'm happy with how the weekend went. However I was infromed of some Elitism going on. Now I'm not saying who was responcbible for it as I'm just going to talk abotu Elitism in general now. It appears that in everything there are Elitists. In art the most notible Elitist group I can think of is the Stuckist movement. Whether it is a cry for attention or not I do not know because Damian Hurst did become a member some years ago and we all know about his enjoyment of the shock factor (Though I have to addmit I enjoy his concepts and sketches) meaning he dropped the shock and went for the stuck. Basically Stuckists believe that unless you traditionally paint you are not an artist. Though they also believe art shouldn't have to be in a gallery to be classed as art and pride the amature over the professional. Of cause even if they are very accepting of things other groups might not be because they exclude other things they are still Elitist. However at least with groups like that there are many to choose from when you are deciding where your art falls into in the vast sea of movements, styles and types of art.
The other type of elitism is a lot harder to avoid. Yes when it comes to art there will be people who tell you that you have to do it this way or that way instead of actually helping you as an artist. This dates all the way back to when people were learning art from already acknoledged artists but I will go into that later as it ties in with another topic I wish to cover. What I am going to cover now are the eltist that exist in most groups, to name a couple: Cosplay, furry and Lolita; as those are most relievant to what takes place at conventions.
Now not every group of cosplayers or furrys etc do have members like this however you may have had the miss fortune of hearing some of these lines spout from them or from perhaps even an individual who happens to cosplay etc (possibly some people who don't even do that sort of thing but they are less elitists and more just jerks):
1) You have to have made it yourself / store bought doesn't count
2) Your costume/outfit isn't right/perfect
3) Your phsyical atribrutes (shape/colour/gender etc) mean you cant be that character/dress that way

O_O Excluding someone from a group or shaming them for these reasons is just cruel. Sure store bought or made by someone else isn't allowed to enter certain competitions (unless the actual creator is there and you are just the model) but that is because they generally are more to do with how well something is crafter. Skit competitions usually do not have this rule as it is judging how well you act the characrer or how interesting your skit is. Some people simply want to cosplay certain character/dress in a certain way and others have no right to tell them they can't. If someone has worked on trying to make their own or have put together from other things and it is a little wrong yeh pointing it out so it can perhaps be corrected at a point in the future is fine but excluding them isn't right because they still have the right to dress as they wish. If someone does not physically look like a charater then who the hell cares. Seriously if they want to be that character they are free to do so. Likewise it doesn't matter about gender and looks if someone enjoys a certain way of dressing. People need to stop being elitist about things because there is a big difference between helping someone advance and putting blinkers on everyone so they are all the same as you.

Which brings me to my next topic, Learning mostly when it comes to art. People learn in different ways and forcing someone to have to do it your way isn't right. You can show them - if they are insterested - how you do things but you shouldn't claim it is the only right way. Doing such things makes you like the old artists way back in the day where artists took on aprentices who half the time did their work for them. Many a painting you see in a gallery may have not been painted by the actual famous artist but one of their students - though sometimes they touched up the piece. The famous artist simply signed their name. The artists that went to them wished to learn from the 'masters' but creativity was perhaps rather stunted though some I am sure once they finished learning still went off to do their own thing - or at least I hope they did. I feel making little drones of yourself and then stealing the art they do and claiming it as compleltly your own isn't the right thing to do but there is a shadow of it in today's art world. Of cause back then who knows maybe everyone knew the master never really did the piece and it was more like a brand such as disney or marvel, it would be perhaps better if it was that way but I guess we will never know. Anyway back onto the present. I have in my life been told I have to make my characters a certain way or draw in a certain way or paint in a certain way that isn't relating to a lesson or test where the objective is to reproduce a style or existing way of doing somethng - such as draw the object on the desk as realisiticly as possible using your thumb and outstretched arm in an attempt to you judge scale.
I want to make something very clear to everyone who is both learning and in a possition to teach, Tutorials are an optional thing. Some people will want them and some people wont. If someone asks for one and you are happy to give such help then go for it but don't chase after random artists trying to make them do colouring exactly the way you do it in your tutorials. Of cause there is the oposite end of the spectrim as well where those who do have knowledge can not be arsed and come across quite mean in their rejection of helping out a fellow artist. If you don't want to do a tutorial at least politely decline and if possible direct them to somewhere they can learn for themselves.
In my life I have ended up in a sort of odd relationship with tutorials. I distintly remember someone telling me that I would never learn anything from just experimented and how it was like trying to learn to drive on your own - I'd like make a point here of mentioning Bertha Benz who did teach herself to drive. I have always taught myself things. I taught myself to use a lot of Flash before it was even relivant to what I was studying and the same with Photoshop. I completely taught myself how to use Sai. I am teaching myself how to play the flute and read flute music - which is something Jethro Tull also did. My dad taught himself guitar in a time before tutorial books and such. I taught myself to windboard and though I knew a little sewing from my mum and friend I also did my best to find my own way of making things like fursuits and weapons. Hell I made a fake arm that did impress people and I did it with my own thoughts and ideas. So if someone be they eltist or not tell you that you can not expriment just forget about them because they don't know what they are talking about. Yes tutorials are helpful and at points in your life you may need/want them but they are not the only option. You can learn on your own be open to ideas but don't feel you have to try them. The only times you ever have to do something a certain way is when there is a test to do something in that certain way.

I would now like to talk about copying. Firstly I'd like to point out that if someone wants to cosplay the same character as you it does not mean they are trying to copy you, just as with if they wanted to learn to play the same instrument or work in the same industry. They want to cosplay that character because hell they probably like that character just as much as you do. Unless you own said character you have no right to say who does or who does not get to dress up as them.
Secondly copying in art and art theft. This is a really tricky one. Now we have all probably at one point or other been told we should use reference photos and there is a big difference between using one as a reference and simply completely copying it out and claiming it as your own work. However if you took the photo yourself then drew from it then no matter how you look at it, that is your art. Hell even more so if it is a photo of yourself in your own costume of your own character taken on a time delay or like a selfie. If it is your photo you can trace it, redraw it free hand, use it in collage, hell anything you want because photography is art too.
Simularly in mordern day where commissioner and artist can live further away photos of someone who want a portrait are sometimes sent to the artist to use, even ones that are in the exact pose and setting the person wants the be painted/drawn in. The artist isn't cheating if the recreate something so exact it could be mistaken for the photo.
However when it comes to redrawing photos that are not yours or were not given to you for that perpose you should (A) Make sure you have permission to redraw that photo - and I dont mean simply use as a rought reference as a rough reference would mean that the two images look different enough that they are clearly different things - and (B) make sure you reference said use of photo if you do have permission - it is probably also advisible to reference photos that you used as rough references just incase someone does see a simularity. Put credit where is it due and all that.
The same goes when it comes to taking inspiration from, redrawing, tracing etc another person's art. If you have traced something or coloured somone elses line art then make it CLEAR do not claim that is is all your own even if you redrew it rather than traced it. Also like with the photos ASK if you can use the piece in that way. Never and I mean Never post something the you have not done at all and claim it as your own! That includes predenting a photo is yours when it is not.
Here is where things get even murkier. Pastiche and Parody.... oh hell the amount of grey areas in that one and in FanArt which can fall into both catigories but also stand on its own. Of cause we should perhaps also include Allusion especially when talking about some FanArt and most certainly MEMEs. These artistic areas could can be classed as so long as you do not claim to own the original it is 'ok' *shrugs in mild confusion*. I stand by the if the orignally artist told me not to post it anymore then I would take it down and only draw it privatly for my own amusement and the amusment of those on my close proximity.
Now a little about something that can be seen as just as bad as stealing original art which is stealing fan art. If you didn't do the fan art yourself then you do not own it. Stealing someone elses hard done piece and claiming it is your own is just plain rude. What is worse is when companies who do not own the rights to the original characters steal fan's works to sell them as t-shirts and prints. Quite a few artists have suffered this having put their art on display online only to have it stolen and used to make money for other people (who usually don't have the rights to the original characters anyway). I don't think I have ever had my art stolen in any respect but I feel sorry for those who have because if I was in their situation I would feel angry and upset.
Finally on the topic of Copying - Simular characters/ideas. Sometimes someone will come along with a very simular idea - hell I've had ideas simular to those of people who have gotten famous on them just because they got there first - or character. They are not copying you because it happens. You get inspired by the same things or random chance takes place. Of cause if someone were to post a character that looks exactly like yours and has the same personality, history and lives in the same setting I'd say that is probably blatant copying. If you are creating a character and you are inspired by someone elses work you might want to run it by them or at least reference them as an inspiration. Definatly do not copy a character or idea compleltely either and if you like a race someone has created then ask first. Luckily I have met some very polite people who have liked some of my original spieces and asked before creating their own. I of cause am happy to give permission to those who ask and reference that I cam up with the race.

Anyway that covers everything I wanted to talk to you all about today. I think it is important to all remember everyone has different opinions on many matters and that some of what I have said is simply opinion. You are all individuals free to decide if you feel simularly to myself or not on the matter. Everyone is entitled to their views so long as you don't use those views as a way of or excuse to hurt somone else intentionally.


Dark Scrawl pokemon
Darkscrawl Jigglypuff by SOTDcorp
DarkScrawl Evee by SOTDcorp
Any Pokemon you want in my darkscrawl style. One pokemon per payment. You can choose what sort of expression you want them to have or leave it up to me.
Burtonesk full body monotone
Burtalia: Prussia, Russia and Germany by SOTDcorp
Same as my 5 commission but for points. This price is per character.
Dark Scrawl points version
Stiff lower lip Gareth Evans commission by SOTDcorp
Natsume desired by SOTDcorp
Sembalance of a Selfportrait by SOTDcorp
4 letter Z by SOTDcorp
Darkscrawl Prussia by SOTDcorp
DarkScrawl Shizuo by SOTDcorp
Same as My 5 Dark Scrawl portraits but for points. This is price per portrait.
Mallon Ink + Coloured
Mallons are Marshmellow chibis of characters as seen on the right: No she hugged melvin by SOTDcorp
However these ones will be digitally inked and solid block coloured. One per payment of points.


Sarah Pastuch
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