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Burtonesk full body monotone
Burtalia: Prussia, Russia and Germany by SOTDcorp
Same as my 5 commission but for points. This price is per character.
Dark Scrawl points version
Stiff lower lip Gareth Evans commission by SOTDcorp
Darkscrawl Prussia by SOTDcorp
DarkScrawl Shizuo by SOTDcorp
Same as My £5 Dark Scrawl portraits but for points. This is price per portrait.


Fountain of Blood

Fountain of Blood Cover by SOTDcorp
A dark hetalia doujinshi writen and drawn by me. Click the cover to begin reading.

This comic came to be for many reasons. One is I rather love Hetalia. It is such a lovely bendy serise that one can create many AUs for. Fountain of Blood is indeed an AU, the characters are still nations but I've added things that don't really exsist/get explained in the show and of cause took a darker more violent spin on it. I actually had many Hetalia Comic ideas. I still do. I intend to do them at some point when Fountain of Blood is finished. Not sure I want to do another long one as this one is turning out longer than I first pictured but I was still at the point of its creation picturing a pretty long comic. Fountain of Blood was chosen because I hadn't really done much Horror work for a while and I wanted to also explore drawing work that involved cannabalism as it is a rather interesting subject. Cannabalism does not only happen when someone is mentally ill but also when there is a great need to survive. There is of cause also ritual cannabalism where the eaten person is not always a murdered victim but just someone who died. In the comic I have Russia acting in a way simular to having a mental illness but also adding a ritualistic aspects where Russia wishes 'become one with' the person he consumes part or the whole of. The supernatural spin means instead of Russia just believing in his mind that he can do these things he really can, as well as using other powers.

When I first started drawing I wasn't going to include the flashbacks to how the Baltics lost their missing pieces but as I got to it I decided it would be good way of showing the mental breakdown Russia was going through that was driving him towards what he did to Prussia at the beginning. I intend to do more flash backs going even further back, as well as of cause going forwards with the story and showing you how things end. I am thankful to everyone who has given me surport on this project and who enjoy the story and art. To those who do not like it, I'm sorry and I hope that one of my future or other works is more to your fancy.


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I am an Alien living among ya. Let me eat your souls or feed me candy

Current Residence: Inside my Shell

Personal Quote: Q:"why are we here?" .....A:"a bad idea." and Packman Eat World

Just letting you all know my first lot of adoptables are now on sale 

3 deviants said AdoptaGoul: Ice Screams - 5 pound each by SOTDcorp yay
1 deviant said meh


No fob this week but will be posting a short two page comic on saturday which is Hetalia themed
There might not be a FoB page this week as I'm not exactly feeling good today. I feel really tired even though I've had a good sleep. Just don't seem to have any energy. Sorry.
Christmas special offers start december

Christmas themed commissions:
full colour, single or multiple character and with simple background for only £10
Deal starts 1st of December and ends at on the 1st of January

Chibi Commissions:

marshmallow - £1 - Marshmallows are the things on the right: No she hugged melvin by SOTDcorp (coloured £1.50)

Ponies (you know what I mean) £2 (coloured £3) example:  My little Medic by SOTDcorp

All other chibi
Sketches - £2.50 Rawr Id by SOTDcorpChris' team as human chibis by SOTDcorp
Ink/digital inked - £4 Jean and Marco pairing for Kyokochibi by SOTDcorp

Inked with greyscale - £5

Coloured traditional/digital - £7 Sascha + Noam for Fransumaru by SOTDcorpFountain of Blood Chibi Thanks by SOTDcorpBSC: Crissy and Team Pencil Chibi Commision by SOTDcorp

A simple background on chibis is £1 extra:  Chibi Prize: steampunk cute battle by SOTDcorpSherlock's Shadow by SOTDcorp
I have many Chibi styles so remember to point out the one you'd like me to use
some examples RuPru randoms by SOTDcorp

Character pencil sketches

Portrait - £8 <da:thumb id="262392946"/>Wire semi realistic sketch by SOTDcorp

Full Body - £10 AU Arian eats Dango by SOTDcorp<da:thumb id="134726192"/>

Detail portrait - £15 Russia Realism Sketch by SOTDcorp

More than one character interacting - £15 AU Kitkun yells at Arian by SOTDcorp Grell wants to have FUN by SOTDcorp

Backgrounds are £5 extra Hidden - pencil sketch by SOTDcorp

Character inked line arts traditionally or digitally are £5 more than the sketchs


Shizuo under control by SOTDcorp this would be £20 as it is more than one character as would Forgotten Fragments lineart by SOTDcorp

<da:thumb id="268004400"/>this would be £15 as it is only one character

Digital Montone/greyscale is £3 extra on top of the line art priece Examples:

Cracked-pot Team by SOTDcorp This would be £23 as it had multiple characters interacting
Breathing out the Forbidden God by SOTDcorp This would be £15 as it is only one character and a portrait and this would be £18 as it is full body ChibiAlien: Crow by SOTDcorp
(If you were to have a piece with a background and more than one character and wanted it greyscaled then it would be £30. For one character with background it would be £25 to greyscale)JesterClaw: traveling through the forest by SOTDcorp

Colour Pieces Digial (£3 more than Greyscale)

Portrait - £18 Bird of Hermes by SOTDcorpRussia papery frown by SOTDcorpNatsume desired by SOTDcorp

Single character full body £21 - Mershark Prussia by SOTDcorpMaid Kabuto art trade by SOTDcorpDarkScrawl Evee by SOTDcorpLittle White Fox by SOTDcorp

More than one character interacting £26 - Sentry Shipping by SOTDcorpTomartoSyrup for Zoie by SOTDcorp Sentry Shipping: Girl x Girl by SOTDcorp

(simple backgrounds are no extra charge)

With full backgrounds add £10 to the price

Yosuke for Fav char comp by SOTDcorp This would be £31 as it it one character

TF2 CB Sniper Bang-A-Boomerang by SOTDcorp This would be £36 as it is more than one character as would this Piece of You by SOTDcorp Hetalia RUSLIETPOL comp: One day I'll get you back by SOTDcorp

Traditionally coloured pieces are of a simular priece to the digital ones but some may cost more depending on the media used
Feel free to enquire about such things Badou watercolour 2 by SOTDcorp

Comashipping4ever xmas contest by SOTDcorpMedic call from the Sky by SOTDcorpUnfortunate Sniper: DoubleCross-stealth sniping by SOTDcorp Fountain of Blood pg26 by SOTDcorp

okay so I will be doing comic comisions but these will be priced indervidually depending on what people want.

Special offers: Offering 5pound commissions by SOTDcorpDarkScrawl Evee by SOTDcorp Dark Scrawl Portraits and Pokemon, as well as Burtonesk fullbody pieces are at the moment only £5 each this deal will be ending soon!!!!

I would prefer to be paid via paypal. Feel free to enquire about point options.

if you fail to pay for a piece I will black list you.
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Just letting you all know my first lot of adoptables are now on sale
3 deviants said AdoptaGoul: Ice Screams - 5 pound each by SOTDcorp yay
1 deviant said meh
AdoptaGoul: Ice Screams - 5 pound each by SOTDcorp
AdoptaGoul: Ice Screams - 5 pound each
Not a very original name and I know not many people were interested in me doing Adoptable but I just couldn't resist when these guys popped into my head. More Gouls coming soon of different sorts. These ones are the ghosts of tasty icecream treats.

Edit: I have worked out that for these simply little loves the charge is £5 each
I accept paypal note me for details.
Update of Fountain of Blood is going to be a little late this week >M<. O_o I got caught up in writing a NSFW fanfiction TFC Heavy x TF2 Medic that turned into two alternate versions earlier this week (you can read it on my Tumblr) and right now I feel ill and achey. All my muscels hurt. However I am inking the line art of page 45 right now. It is going to be one of the more text heavy pages but so far it is looking okay. As for SYC which got updated here - with a page I already uploaded to smackjeeves - that also got delayed, well it will update after I've finished the FoB page as more people are interested in FoB.

So I have finally started my etsy. It is a bit plain at the moment but should have more and more stuff for it soon:…

Okay so here is my current rota on when things are going to get posted:
Stake Your Claim - Wednesdays
Fountain of Blood - Thursdays/Friday

That means this late Thursday or Friday should see a new page. There are serval things I have been neglecting including a halloween prize from a while back. I am working on that but I've ended up making it more complicated than I possibly should have cos I'm an idiot. Also I will be hopefully posting some finished 2p FoB images soon.

I am still doing comissions so please check out my price journal or simply ask about them. I also make sherlock hats (deerstalkers) so feel free to ask about those too.
Finally here is the link to my Webook where I am posting pages of the book I am writing called Blood in the Mist:…  Been working on it for years but it is finally in a resonible state. I'd love some reviews. Only 2 chapters up so far but shall have more soon as it is pretty much just a rewrite and correction of the book that I finished a while ago. Plot holes needed sorting.
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